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The Art of genuine Painting

There’s nothing wrong with tube paint, but there’s just so much more to experience. There’s more colour, more possibilities, more beauty and more fun if you make your own paint with pure pigments and natural binders. We offer a profound program that opens to you the world of genuine painting. Painting as it was in the days of the Romans, Botticelli and Rembrandt. We don’t simply copy painting tradition. We educate professional artists in the classical painting repertoire in order to improve their contemporary painting skills. We believe tradition has always been the best launching off point for progression.

We entirely focus on painting materials, skills and techniques, we are less interested in the theoretical and discourage vainglory. This school teaches  the craftsmanship of painting in which empirical experiment plays a large role. To become a maestro in painting assumes discipline and study as well as an attitude of sprezzatura, which means you learn to master the difficult craft with grace.

Without any serious painting experience I started the two-year course on the Academy for Arts and Crafts, led by Lukas…read more

In the first year the lessons are well-structured, developing towards a more general knowledge of all possible combinations between different…read more

Very inspiring practical training in the field of several old painting techniques, alternated with solid and enthusiastic theoretical foundations (art…read more

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Academie voor Kunst & Ambacht
Arts & Crafts Academy
Accademia delle Arti e Mestieri

Mgr. Suyslaan 4 (Museumpark Orientalis)
6564 BV Heilig Landstichting (Nijmegen)
The Netherlands

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