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The Magic of Lime (13-17 August 2018, 10-16 h)

Fresco, Secco and Sgraffito. The return to half-forgotten natural lime techniques is a real magical adventure. Lime is one of the most natural painting materials, which has been used in different forms of painting for thousands of years. In this painting week we will assemble an extensive series of lime painting types with different pigments.  Weather permitting, we will do this outside as much as possible. You will learn how to prepare and plaster lime mortars for Frescos; how to design and construct a Fresco; how to paint with Secco on top of a Fresco; how to paint with lime gouache on rough linen; how to prepare Sgraffito and how indoor and outdoor walls can be made shimmering with colours and light by beautiful lime paints.

In open air Museumpark Orientalis near Nijmegen (NL).
Teacher Lukas Stofferis.
Maximum 12 participants.

The Magic Of Lime
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