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Painting with Wax (20-24 August 2018, 10-16 h)

Encaustic, Punic wax and Beeswax paint. What counts for lime, probably counts even more for beeswax: this beautiful natural material has been used for more than thousands of years due to its soft and direct appeal. In melted condition wax paint is called encaustic. Encaustic is a robust type of paint; nevertheless, it can be used in very sophisticated painting, as the Romans demonstrated. Wax paint is a type of paint which integrates very well with contemporary art. In saponified form beeswax paint is called Punic wax, named after the Phoenicians, who invented it. This pliant water-soluble beeswax paint is one of the most accessible types of paint in existence.  Finally, we will review a type of paint, consisting of beeswax, oil and pigments and which produces beautiful deep colours.

In open air Museumpark Orientalis near Nijmegen (NL).
Teacher Lukas Stofferis.
Maximum 12 participants.

Painting With Wax
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