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Egg tempera Techniques of the Quattrocento (B)

This course is a serious introduction in the Italian Renaissance tempera techniques of the 15th Century. Cennini and Botticelli will hold your hand and lead you into a world of verdaccio and sinabrese. A world in which every painted object is built up in a certain order of colour and in a specific brushstroke. You will learn to make tone scales in the way they did around 1400. You will need these tone scales for the painting of draperies and skin. You will learn the difference in working with hatches (tratteggi) and glacis, and the alternation of both. You will learn to work with the sharp line of tempera in combination with the glazing line. The discipline the Renaissance masters had to work out for their magnificent tempera painting will be taught, such as the glazing of skin in the way Botticelli did and the use a limited palette of colours. The use of perspective as a useful aid for the composition and the manner in which position, space and depth are created also belongs to these lessons. Finally, you will learn to construct a complete composition in the way of Quattrocento painters.

10 lessons  Every Wednesday  November 2018 until February 2019

Fee € 650,-

Egg Tempera Techniques Of The Quattrocento (B)
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