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Developing Hybrid Painting Techniques (A+)

The most rewarding goal in making one’s own paint is the possibility to create a fully personalised paint that meets the one’s individual requirements. Consequently one needs master everything on paint technology; not every combination can be used; not every ingredient in a combined binding agent  is effective. In this specialized course you will learn to prepare hybrid binding agents  and mediums that diffuses the boundary between for instance oil painting and tempera grassa. Most of the used mediums are in fact emulsions. We will also discuss how to combine  and alternate complete different techniques such as encaustic and tempera or Punic wax and oil painting. In this course one will investigate empirically potential combinations to gain insight how different materials function in your paintings. The optical characteristics of different binding agents and the successful combinations of materials are deciding factors of painting. Since the combinations are countless, you can easily get confused. This course, taught on an individual basis, gives a clear guideline into the universe of hybrid painting techniques.

7 lessons:  Every Tuesday from May to June 2019

Fee: € 495,-

Developing Hybrid Painting Techniques (A+)
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