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Painting with Pigments (B)

This introductory course forms the solid base of the entire programme. You will get an introduction to what pigments are and how they function. You will learn the basic principles of making paint and how you prepare different grounds for various carriers. You will learn to stretch linen properly and how to seize panels and linen. You will meet all kinds of grounds and learn to work on parchment. The basic principles of gilding and polishing are also included, as well as an initiation in self-made water colour, distemper, casein and the use of glair on parchment and rag paper. You will learn how to use a silver point as a proper preparation on transparent painting layers. This course also details the use of special brushes, such as long brushes for tempera and emulsion paints that you will find in the Painting Box.

10 lessons 10.00 – 16.00, Every Wednesday from September to November  2018

Fee € 650

Painting With Pigments (B)
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