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Alla Prima Techniques in Tempera Grassa (A)

The use of a tempera emulsion containing lots of oil ensures that the paint can be used in an extreme dilution. With water as the carrier agent for tempera, the paint can move freely from in all directions. In that way the most spectacular gradations and transitions can occur, although it is not possible to touch the paint with a brush. This paradoxical counter-intuitive process stems from Russian icon and lac techniques and is difficult to master. Since one cannot  touch the wet surface, one needs other ways to manipulate the paint. The advanced level course will provide you the skills needed handle alla prima techniques. You will learn to work with the principle of under-colours and upper-colours allowing tempera to appear in a completely different way. In spite of the abundant use of  water, tempera grassa can be really opaque and opalescent. After extensive exercising,  you will be able to create complete compositions with the difficult alla prima method. We will also teach how skin is built up using the alla prima process.

10 lessons Every –Tuesday- from 11 September 2018

Fee € 650,

Video by Fleur de Blieck – former student by AKA. (May 2018)

Alla Prima Techniques In Tempera Grassa (A)
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