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In the first year the lessons are well-structured, developing towards a more general knowledge of all possible combinations between different materials and painting techniques. The teacher has a very extensive knowledge of emulsion paints and frescoes, which is the main subject of the first year. He can convey these subjects very passionately. Oil painting is taught later in the course and becomes more interesting the more one understands the possible combination techniques of emulsion paints in the construction of an oil painting.

The two-year course is an excellent starter pack for future painters and craftsmen, who aspire to develop a professional career, in which quality of their work has a central place. The training is also very suitable for painting restorers and decoration painters. For me, this technical training has given me a surplus value for my drawing and technical painting education on the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. The technical material knowledge gives a good balance to the technical painting knowledge. 

Virginie Vandeputte, Brugge, 2016

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