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Cinquecento Chiar’oscuro Techniques in Oil Painting and Tempera (A)

This course is based on 16th Century clair-obscure techniques, developed by masters such as Caravaggio and George de la Tour.  The base of this technique starts with a dark imprimatura which is further treated with paint of different white hues. The strokes of white paint partly submerge in the imprimatura and must be followed by other strokes, with preferably different white pigments. This is a serious study in light and its dramatic effect on painting. Since we initially only work in white hues, this technique emphasizes the value of the tone in painting. Although tempera and oil paint are completely different in composition, they come together more than ever in this method, because the final stage of both techniques necessarily ends in oil glazing. A significantly part of this course is therefore also apportioned to the phenomenon of glazing in oil paint. Knowing where to glaze, with what colours to glaze and to what end to glaze, is essential. The atmosphere of a painting can be completely altered by glazing. The course will help you to see where glazing is sufficient to complete the painting. We will also undertake a reconstruction of the technique used by Michelangelo (in the so- called Manchester Madonna), where a tempera grassa painting is remodeled into an oil painting.

10 lessons Every Tuesday from 4 December 2018

Fee € 650,-

Video by former student AKA (April 2018)

Cinquecento Chiar’oscuro Techniques In Oil Painting And Tempera (A)
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